Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Welcome to Northern Bridge Club




Welcome to Northern bridge club

We run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting at 9.00am.   You do need to come as a pair, but it is "walk in" you come whenever you can.   On Tuesdays we have three sections which are graded, and we play "Howell" movements.   On Wednesdays we have two sections and we play a "Mitchell" and "Howell" movements     We always play predealt boards and the travelling score sheet shows the makeable contracts.   Sheets of hand records with the makeable contracts are available at the end of the morning.   The scoring  is done with "Bridge Mates" and the results are available immediatly.   Then the results go up on this web-site, usually by 2.00pm.

Tuesday 19th June CC
19th June BB
Tuesday 19th June AA
Tuesday 19th June C
Tuesday 19th June B
Tuesday 19th June A
Wednesday 13th June B
Wednesday 13th June A
Tuesdayt 12th June C
Tuesday 12th June B
Tuesday 12th June A
Wednesday 6th June B
Wednesday 6th June A
Tuesday 5th June C
Tuesday 5th June B
Tuesday 5th June A
Wednesday 30th May 30th B
wednesday 30th May
Tuesday 29th May C
Tuesday 29th May B
Tuesday 29th May A
Bryanston Teams after May 2018
Wednesday 23rd May B
Wednesday 23rd May A
Tuesday 22nd May C
Tuesday 22nd May B
Tuesday 22nd May A
Wednesday 16th May B
Wednesday 16th May A
Tuesday 15th May C
Tuesday 15th May B
Tuesday 15th May A
Wednesday 9th May B
Wednesday 9th May A
Tuesday 8th May C
Tuesday 8th May B
T Auesday 8th May
Wednesday 2nd May B
Wednesday 2nd May A
Tuesday 1st May B
Tuesday 1st May A
Wednesday 25th April B
Wednesday 25th April A
Tuesday 24th April C
Tuesday 24th April B
Tuesday 24th April A
Wednesday 18th April B
Wednesday 18th April A
Tuesday 17th April C
Tuesday 17th April B
Tuesday 17th April A
Wednesday 11th April B
Wednesday 11th April A
Tuesaday 10th April C
Tuesday 10th April B
Tuesday 10th April A
Wednesday 4th April B
Wednesday 4th April A
Tuesday 3rd April C
Tuesday 3rd April B
Tuesday 3rd April A
Wednesday 27th March C
Wednesday 28th March B
Wednesday 28th March A
Tuesday 27th March B
Tuesday 27th March A
Wednesday 21st March A
Tuesday 20th March C
Tuesday 20th March B
Tuesday 20th March A
Wednesday 14th March B
Tuesday 13th March C
Tuesday 13th March B
Tuesday 13th March A
Wednesday 7th March B
Wednesday 7th March A
Tuesday 6th March C
Tuesday 6th March B
Tuesday 6th March A
Wednesday 14th February A
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